Facing sexual misconduct at SPU

When it comes to reports of sexual assault and harassment, students find SPU community responds 'well, but well is not good enough'

Junior Alli Musolino stepped in front of her peers in a public speaking class only a year ago to talk about feminism. Musolino wanted to debunk myths; to show that feminism is more complex than common media portrayals of women and to ask students to consider how gender inequality contributes to one of society’s most […]

Celebrating heritage with graduating class

BSU presents African-American culture, arts

Guests ate food, mingled and listened to rap gospel music in Upper Gwinn. More than 30 guests attended the Second Annual African-American heritage hosted by Black Student Union. The event celebrated African-American art and culture through live performances as well as congratulating black senior students who will be graduating this June. Co-president of Black Student […]


New Zealander Sibling Duo Hits Seattle

A Look Behind the Artist

It’s important to remember the beginning. For Georgia Nott and older brother Caleb Nott of the electropop duo from Nelson, New Zealand, Broods, their beginning started in 2013 when they released their first single “Bridges” on Sound Cloud. At the time Caleb Nott attended Garin College, while Georgia Nott studied Auckland University simply hoping that […]